Mauro Nicolini and his history

The beginning

Mauro Nicolini was born in Pieve di Bono, in the province of Trento, in May 1956. He then moved to Brescia, where in 1979 he started his apprenticeship at Giovita Scroffi's workshop, which is specialized in furniture restoration and construction.

In 1982 Mauro opened his own workshop in Brescia, which is specialized in antique furniture restoration.

This first workshop was based in Via Conicchio, whilst the current one is in Via Milano 65 (Brescia)..


Besides working Mauro Nicolini continues his professional education with the desire to improve both practice and theory. In 1983/18984 he followed a one-year evening course in furniture restoration, at the ENAIP Regional School for restoration in Botticino, Brescia.


In 1987/1988 he attended a two-year course organized by the Region of Lombardy in restoration of antique furniture, at the Centre for Professional Training of Soncino (CR). In 1999 he participated in the theoretical and practical course "The non-polychrome wooden works: restoration techniques", which lasted 150 hours and was organized by the Institute G. Tagliacarne, in collaboration with the Superintendence of architectural environmental heritage, for the provinces of Brescia, Cremona and Mantova.

The teaching activities regarding this field, are documented in the book "Artigianato per l'arte. Il restauro lingeo e dei materiali lapidei nella Chiesa della Trasfigurazione a Rodendo Saiano", printed in 2000 by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Crafts.

In 2003 he participated in the 40 hours long course "The painting techniques for construction companies" at the ECIPA Lombardia Soc. Coop.
The course regarded theory and practice of the fresco and was organized by the European Social Fund. In 2007 he attended the 40 hours long technical-practical course "Techniques of marquetry", organized by the CNA, under the patronage of the Region of Lombardy.

In 1998, In the context of the CAN and along with other craftsmen, furniture and painting restorers, the association ASSORESTAURO was founded. Its purpose was to organize training and refresher courses and exchange of professional experience as well as to agree on a common deontology.


The work of restoration implies contact with art objects that contain within themselves historical knowledge of great value and charm.

Over the centuries, the artisan work in the major and minor arts, has always had the aim to realize beauty, achieving results of excellence that deserve to be passed on over time. Mauro Nicolini follows the theories of Cesare Brandi (Siena 08/04/1906 - Vignano 19/01/1988), which are expressed in "Teoria del restauro" (Restoration Theory, Turin, Einaudi, 1977), and imply operating with the utmost respect, to highlight the work of the manufacturer, in its beauty and originality, with a fair relation between quality and price.