The Work

In 35 years of activity Mauro has restored hundreds of pieces of furniture and wooden objects, both antique and of different qualities, and has faced all kinds of difficulties of rendering.

Almost all the works he carried out were "reconstructive restorations", which aimed at making the furniture functional again and at restoring its original beauty. Therefore the missing parts are remade or fixed, whether they are structural or decorative, such as, for example: legs, drawer slides, hinges and locks, mouldings, cornices, friezes, pieces of inlay and carvings, using suitable types of wood, old wood or wood antiqued with natural dyes.

The work is carried out with traditional tools such as flat and shaped planers, chisels, gouges and drills.

The single parts are glued in a reversible manner, using classical animal glues, made from rabbits, bones and fish.

The finish is carried out by polishing the restored elements with shellac or beeswax, depending on the age and style of the construction.


Besides serving private clients, Nicolini has worked 30 years for the store ARREDI NEOCLASSICI run by Sergio Zubelli, an antique dealer who is specialized in the neoclassical period; many pieces of furniture restored by Mauro have been exhibited in various antique fairs.

After having carried out major restorations of the portals and the choir of the church of Bienno, he still continues a fruitful collaboration with the workshop Giangualano RENATO & C. CONSERVAZIONE E MANUTENZIONE DI OPERE D'ARTE.

In 2008, after accurate studies, Nicolini designed and manufactured the Mirhab of the mosque of Brescia, in Via della Volta, in collaboration with Teresa Fantina, who was responsible for gilding and Galdino De Franceschi, who was responsible for carving. This important work is inspired by the classical Arabic influenced style; it is enriched with inlays, carvings, gilding, lacquering and polishing with shellac, all carried out according to the techniques of the Italian tradition.

In collaboration with his daughter Aurelia, Mauro Nicolini creates inlayed pictures and other decorative objects on request.
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The transport of furniture can be done by the workshop itself or in collaboration with the specialized firm GI TRASPORTI E TRASLOCHI in Brescia


The workshop is open from Monday to Friday between 08.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.30; and on Saturday between 08.00-12.00